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Top-Notch Lawyer

Amy Gostanian successfully represented my family’s interests through a contentious estate lawsuit; one, which other attorneys said, would be very difficult to win and had actually discouraged us from pursuing.

Amy, however, took the time to hear our story, and although she understood the challenges we faced, she assured us it was a battle worth taking. Amy’s encouragement, and her desire to take our case, provided us with the courage we needed to stand up and fight for what was right.

From the very beginning, Amy let us know that we would be working as a team, and that is exactly what transpired. She clearly outlined the steps we needed to take, enlisted our involvement in the process, and kept the lines of communication open through meetings, phone calls and emails. Her exceptional staff and associates also provided outstanding support throughout the process.

Our experience with Amy revealed that she is a confident, experienced litigator who is highly qualified in estate law. She knows all the angles; is fierce when needed, remains cool under pressure, and knows how to provide support to her clients when they need it. We found Amy to be professional, honest, fair and ethical. Over the course of time that she worked on our case, it also became evident that both attorneys, as well as judges, respect her.

I simply cannot recommend Amy Gostanian highly enough. Her superb qualities and skills brought an arduous, and seemingly hopeless, situation to an equitable resolution. She is the epitome of what attorneys should be.

– Karen

Highly Recommend

Amy is an awesome lawyer. She helped my family through an incredibly stressful probate process. From the first conversation, she has been candid in all her communication with us. We had no idea what the probate process was going to entail or what exactly was going to happen, and Amy explained the entire process in plain English and was able to put our fears to rest. She has shown time and time again through all the road blocks we encountered that she really knows her stuff. She has extensive knowledge of the local court system, which she uses to her (and ultimately our) advantage. To top it off, she has been attentive and considerate of our unique situation, going above and beyond her typical lawyer’s duties to show my family special consideration. She has been our resource for a variety of questions, some not even related to our probate process. We know we can trust her opinion and expertise. Amy’s office staff also deserves recognition. They have been awesome at each and every step of the process. Overall, I would highly recommend Amy and her office for their services.

– Caitlyn

Frederick Muscarella

Relationship: Worked together on matter

Ms. Gostanian is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and professional Trust and Estate attorney. Her clients are fortunate to have her.

– Trusts Attorney

Courtney Shepard

Relationship: Worked together on matter

I have had the pleasure of personally working with Mrs. Gostanian. She is an aggressive and intelligent lawyer who provides outstanding representation to her clients.

– Divorce And Separation Attorney

Awesome, honest and on the ball!

Amy was straightforward and thorough from the get-go! Loved her style! Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an estate/probate attorney!

– June

Expert Probate Litigation

Quite simply, Amy and her team are fantastic. I was the administrator of my Mom’s estate, which experienced a fraudulent claim. Amy came highly recommended by several local lawyers as an outstanding estate litigator. In working with her, I found that Amy was consistently calm, patient, and always gave expert advice. She successfully guided me through the heartache of extended probate litigation and with the constant frustrations of delays in the legal system. She has a wonderful balance of knowledge, wit, and compassion, in addition to being a top-notch litigator. In particular, she is a great listener and is very adept at focusing your conversation on critical legal points. I found her very easy to work with and always felt that she was keeping my best interests at the forefront. In addition, the rest of her team is just as sharp and professional as Amy — you’re getting a dynamite office! After successfully thwarting a series of outlandish legal maneuvers by the plaintiff, Amy engineered a settlement that was both extremely favorable for me and represented the correct intentions of my Mom’s estate documents. If you need expert counsel on probate litigation, I highly recommend her services without reservation.

– Britt

Litigate Trust Fraud Case/Depose Trustee/Settlement

Hired Attorney

Amy is an amazing attorney and person with a style all her own. I was referred or rather preferred to see her as my friend told her about what happened with my trust and said she was moved by it and asked to see me. She took the case after researching it to see if it had validity and substantiated truth was being told. She treated me like family and went way over and above her duties and due diligence that she signed on for. I consider Amy a great friend with great fortitude for dealing with this area of law. She stands with poise and speaks with intelligence and class, prepared and ready with a respect for what she does and the players in the game, and that means a lot to me and anyone in position to enter that court. Probate is an entirely different beast and I say that with respect, but it’s nothing like other courtrooms at all. Amy is a fighter with a heart who isn’t loud or boastful but genuinely kind and caring by her nature. I didn’t get it at first but she showed me and taught me a lot about how the probate court works and she closed the deal like a champion. I will always refer Mrs. Amy Gostanian for probate law, planning and litigation.

Best Of Luck

– Jeffrey Jay

Probate Service

I’d like to say that Amy and her staff at Gostanian Law Group, helped me with and throughout my probate case. Any questions I had (which were plenty) were answered promptly and with great expertise. I can’t thank them enough.

– Scott

Petition to Modify Trust

Excellent and efficient process. One phone call, one meeting, the draft finalized by email and DONE! There was a quick court approval.

Amy has excellent knowledge of family trusts and was able to modify my deceased friend’s outdated trust to conform to her intended wishes. My discussion with other lawyers did not include the innovative approach taken by Amy. I was very pleased that we could modify this irrevocable trust.

– Brian

Kerr/Giarraffa Estates

Amy was amazing. She helped me in dealing with two estates at the same time. Any time I had a question she was always available to help me. Amy was so sweet and helpful. It was a pleasure working with her. I have told all my friends to go to her for estate planning.

– Tina

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