Ensuring the Financial Security of Your Elderly Loved One

Our knowledgeable and skilled elder financial abuse attorneys understand the deep concern you may have for the financial well-being of your elderly loved ones. The Estate Lawyers are one of California's leading conservatorship law firms, and we specialize in protecting seniors from the devastating effects of financial elder abuse. Our compassionate team of legal experts provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique situation.


Signs Of Possible Financial Abuse

Financial abuse of seniors is rarely obvious, but there are red flags you should be aware of and below are a few to consider:

  • A senior who lives alone and isolated from family suddenly makes a new “friend,” and the senior is relying on them for financial advice
  • Another relative takes over the senior’s finances and begins living a more lavish lifestyle – e.g., they buy a sports car or suddenly quit their job
  • The senior’s conservator (or trustee) gives evasive answers to your questions, does not provide required documentation, or avoids responding to your calls and emails

When you come to us with suspected financial abuse of one or more family members, our elder abuse attorneys will get to work immediately. We will discuss the situation with you in detail and advise you of your rights. Next, we will thoroughly investigate and take the abuser to court if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Elder Abuse

What is financial elder abuse and how prevalent is it in California?

    Financial elder abuse refers to the illegal or improper use of an elderly person's funds, property, or assets. Unfortunately, it is a widespread problem in California, with countless vulnerable seniors falling victim to scams, coercion, or exploitation. Our experienced elder financial abuse attorneys can help you navigate the complex legal landscape to safeguard your loved one's financial interests.

    What are the warning signs of financial elder abuse?

      Recognizing the signs of financial elder abuse is crucial for early intervention. Some common indicators include sudden changes in your loved one's financial situation, unexplained withdrawals or transfers, modifications to wills or trusts without their understanding, and the presence of unfamiliar individuals in their lives. If you suspect any form of financial exploitation, seek legal advice promptly.

      How can a conservatorship protect my loved one from financial abuse?

        A conservatorship is a legal arrangement where a court appoints a responsible individual or organization to manage the personal and financial affairs of an incapacitated adult. By establishing a conservatorship, you can ensure that your loved one's interests are safeguarded and prevent unauthorized access to their assets and provide oversight of financial transactions.

        Protect Your Loved One from Elder Abuse

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