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Trust Attorney Extraordinaire

I became a Successor Trustee for our estate in 2011, and for the first time my wife and I met Amy Gostanian. I had no idea this journey to fulfill my parent’s wishes would be so complicated, but Amy was there for me every step of the way. Her sage advice was invaluable and helped me on many occasions. She was always just a phone call away and as I lived out-of-state, I took advantage of this many times. The Law Firm managed and advised but they were always careful to let me make the decisions. When my sister became gravely ill, I had to start selling some of our property only to find out that my parents had not placed either property back in the trust long ago. This error did not occur on Amy’s watch… Nothing to be done but correct that error and move forward as quickly as possible. We had to rush through probate in order to proceed with the sale and Amy and Michelle handled this expertly to say the least. This was around the time I first met Michelle Bartolic (Amy’s new associate). Talk about sharp, I could tell Michelle was on top of her game. Moving forward, these two attorneys helped me through the worst time of my life and explained trust and probate law in terms even I could understand. Now that both parents and my sister are resting and finally at peace, I have just dispersed the last of the estate to the last beneficiary. With Michelle’s blessing, last week I finally closed the trust. I strongly recommend Gostanian Law Group for all matters related to trusts, probate and litigation should it be needed. I thank my lucky stars that they were there for me these past 8 years. You can imagine the weight that is now off my shoulders. Thank you!

– Edmond

The Best!

Amy was able to take over handling my parents’ estate from another attorney and I am very grateful for all of her and her staff’s support and help. Amy is very kind and caring and helped me through some tough spots in the process.

Billing was very fair and accurate.

Communication was timely and greatly appreciated.

I’ll be returning to have my own trust done.

Thank you Amy!

– Lisa


Amy is our trusted ally when it comes to protecting our family. She has taken care of our estate and set up guardianship for my daughter’s inheritance. It is comforting to know we have someone like Amy to depend on.

– Don


Amy Gostanian was referred to me by a court appointed attorney. After speaking with her, I realized this was the perfect person for me. Ms. Gostanian is a true professional in every aspect. She is concise and expects perfection from everyone in her law firm because she is extremely well prepared. I have watched her “in action” twice in front of a judge and it is clearly evident how much respect the courts have for her. I would recommend Ms. Gostanian to any person who needs legal help concerning litigation, estate planning, or probate.

– Gregory

The Best Of All Female Probate Attorneys in OC

After 10 years of dealing with one after another single attorney run office and getting court orders dragged out for what seemed like years, I was introduced to Amy L. Gostanian’s and her office staff. I was impressed with how much she understood our needs. After reviewing our case, she saw how far behind we were and some errors. She had our case in front of a judge in no time at all.

– William


Amy and her staff were fantastic in figuring out how to create my living Trust to comply with some of my unusual requests. Thanks for all your hard work

– Client

Top-Notch Attorney and Firm

Amy was recommended to us by an attorney alternative that is located in the same building as my employer. Our first meeting with Amy was informative and we knew she was who we needed to represent the trust matter we had faced, and we were right. Our case, from what I understand was not the norm and had several roadblocks that Amy and Ericka were able to steer us around and get to the result we needed.

They are quick to respond to any questions we had and always gave us the correct information we needed to move forward with our case. I highly recommend this firm for any Probate/Trust matters you may have. You will not be sorry….my only regret is I didn’t get to see these ladies in action in a courtroom. Thank you again Amy, Ericka and staff for the exceptional work you do and keeping us moving forward and grounded through this difficult time.

– Staci


Straight to the point. Very quick study. No wasted time, keeping costs to a minimum.

– Gary

Excellent Attorney

I highly recommend Amy. She has helped my family on three different occasions. She set up a trust for my wife and me, including related documents (e.g. wills, powers of attorney, advance directives, etc.). She also drafted a trust amendment for my mother and helped me with the trust administration after my mother passed away. Finally, she drafted a special needs trust for my niece. Throughout it all, Amy has been knowledgeable, exceptionally competent and patient with my family. I couldn’t ask for anything more from an attorney.

– Barry Rodolff

Amy Gostanian

We have worked with Amy since 2008 on trust related issues – from the initial establishment of the trust through modifications needed as circumstances changed. We have always felt that any suggestions made/implemented were in our best interests and have never felt the need to second guess Amy. She knows her stuff and is able to explain the legalese so that a layman can understand it. She has always been available to answer questions. We feel that she is interested in us as people, not just clients – that’s important. We will continue to use her services.

– Client

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